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Dear colleagues,

The 2016 World Engineering Conference will address the issue of Disaster Risk Reduction (WECDRR2016) and its aim is to present and discuss recent experiences on disasters and to assess proposed solutions promoting the contribution of engineering to the disaster risk management.

Disasters affect individuals, communities and whole countries hurting them in various ways, slowing down the economic and social development. Climate Change seems to be exacerbating the occurrence of disasters, affecting virtually all ecosystems and vital infrastructure. Thus, disaster reduction and recovery have a number of major challenges, from developing technical scientific studies and modern methods for risk reduction up to the development of complex and detailed action plans to manage the risk.

The WECDRR2016 will provide a critical contribution, joining efforts to successfully confront these challenges. To that end, it will bring together outstanding international experts, who actively are addressing the issue of disaster risk in various parts of the world to share their experiences and exchange views illustrating by concrete examples issues that are relevant to all attendees.

Peru, host country of the WCDRR, has been highly impacted for millennia by natural disasters caused by major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts and landslides, sometimes associated with El Niño, which have caused in the past the collapse of important pre-Inca civilizations. On the other hand, Peru has 70% of tropical glaciers in the world and has 84 different microclimates, besides being one of the most mega diverse countries in the world, a whole heritage to protect.

Lima, with its mystique and modern atmosphere has been, in recent years, the scene of important events of global significance. We are confident that it will meet all your expectations and with great satisfaction I invite all those interested in the subject of disaster risk reduction to participate in the WECDRR, and to take significant advantage of the many activities scheduled.


Dr. Jorge Elías Alva Hurtado
Peruvian Association of Professional Engineers